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What do I have to do before I get my septic tank cleaned?

Good Question!! In order for us to service your tank, the lid has to be exposed if it is underneath the ground.

Where do I dig and what does the lid look like?

The septic lid is commonly located in the center of the septic tank. We pump from the man-hole lid that is 20”-24” in diameter. We DO NOT pump from the 4” white PVC clean-out that is located above the baffle.

Does toiletpaper harm the system?

The thicker the toilet paper the more chemicals were used to make it. These chemicals can be harmful to the biological activity, just like anti-bacterial soaps are. Pick a brand that is less soft. Look for a brand that states “Septic Safe”. These brands are normally made with less chemicals and additives.

My system backed up for the first time. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

A backup is the first sign of septic system failure. We can help you reverse the clogging trend. You must start a maintenance program now or you will be in trouble and possibly have to replace your system.

I’ve been told to put a cake of yeast in my septic system. Does this help?

Very little. Yeast only breaks down starches which represent a small percentage of the waste found in your septic system. You need bacteria to attack all five of the major types of waste found in your septic system.

Why is there a filter, I thought you want the septic waste to go out to the drainfield?

 The filter is another protection so that bigger solids will not flow out into the drainfield. Make sure to clean your septic filter at least annually.

Can I flush “flushable” wipes down the toilet?

Absolutely not.  Flushable wipes will NOT break down and can be catastrophic to your septic system.